This structure is made from 870 recuperated polyethylene checkout bags which have been fused together. The embodied energy in 8.7 bags could propel a car for one kilometer. So this installation is equivalent to 100km. Change is as good as a holiday. 

This piece was inspired by an interest in the idea of turning ‘disposable’ objects into a building material. The structure is lightweight and easily transportable, and can be fully inflated with a very basic domestic fan. Looking at how this volume interacts with its surroundings, creating an interior space which reflects the exterior constraints through the geometric interplay of soft/solid, rectilinear/curvilinear and through the translucency of the material.

The lightweight structure can be packed down and fitted into a single plastic bag for transport and storage. Fully inflated in five minutes, and can fit up to thirty people inside. This project was selected to appear on the cover of the winter 2013 edition of Architect Victoria, which focuses on ephemeral architecture.