Crisis cabin


This installation, built for Markus Hansen, is a wooden hut assembled without nails, screws or glue as every piece slots together to facilitate mobility. Its exterior is covered with black feathers to protect against the rain. The structure is made out of plywood and has a system of shelves on the inside that slot in and hold it together. The four thousand books that fill the shelves isolate against the cold and are the source of reinvention and regeneration. The feather cover reminds us of the unavoidability of a dialogue with nature for our survival whilst the lining of books serve as a resource of the past for the future.

This project involved developing construction systems, working out details, measuring, drawing and cutting sheets of timber, as well as helping to install the piece, first in the Chateau d’Aulteribe, near Clermont-Ferrand, in Central France, and then at the Conciergerie, in Paris.





Jason Stoneking reads his piece about Markus Hansen's installation "Crisis Cabin" on site during the Cabin's appearance at la Conciergerie in Paris as part of the 2012 exhibition Bêtes Off. The cabin appears courtesy of Nadine Gandy, Gandy Gallery, Bratislava.