Criticism is born from a diversity of experience and opinions and a willingness to tackle these with others. Constructive criticism requires this confrontation to take place in order to bring about a conversation that is dynamic, fertile and importantly, positive. The by-product of this is the raw material which we seek to develop, by providing a platform for finding, refining or reinforcing a variety of differing perspectives .

Our focus is on facilitating these conversations, bringing them away from corridors and onto an open stage. is an independent arena for the exchange of architectural ideas, enabling the renewal of a critical culture, established as a not-for profit organisation it is an experimental forum for coordinating encounters with design thinkers willing to proclaim their positions and have them tested in public, a place for sounding out new ideas by challenging preconceptions and encouraging initiative and forward thinking.

Founded by in partnership with Australian architect James Carter in 2012, now comprises a number of collaborators from diverse fields, which affords us the flexibility to engage in a variety of cultural projects.

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