Time lapse from the inflatable workshop at the Ecole d'Architecture Paris-Malaquais from the Grands Ateliers de l'Isle d'Abeau with Hans Walter-Muller, inflatables specialist.  video by David Ottlik 

This project was part of an inflatables workshop run by Hans-Walther Muller in 2010. This was my first experience with inflatables.

Three membranes are stacked, the top one is made up of concentric circles alternating between black and clear PVC, the middle one is the inverted pattern of the first, and the lowest one is clear. This creates two cushions, operated by a single fan: when the lower cushion is inflated, the central membrane is pushed upwards, closing the gap between the black circles, and thus occluding the light. Conversely, when pressure is increased in the upper air cushion, the space between dark bands is increased, and light filters through the transparent layers into the space below. This simple system allows for dynamic control of an internal atmosphere. The transitions are smooth, and lighting can adapt to filter the external environment into the space.